Monday, 23 November 2009

What is Going On?

This post will have an Anglocentric bent, but I believe the principles still apply in other Western Countries.

I read the other day, that a couple were turned down in their application to adopt a small child, on the basis that they were white and the kiddy was black.

What kind of politically correct madness denies a child a loving home simply because of a colour difference?

This bairn is living in an institution, which by definition will not be capable of providing the most fundamental need of a child, which is love.

Love has no colour and if politicians truly believed in diversity then surely the best way to achieve it would be by ignoring ethnicity.

Would black couples in England, desperate for a child, turn down the opportunity to adopt a white baby, if it was offered to them? I don't think so.

What is more important? Political correctness or a child living in a happy home.

In Britain it seems ok for foster parents to look after kids of different ethnic backgrounds, but not acceptable for them to adopt these kiddies.

To me this is just another form of institutional racism.

I can remember when a couple I know who fostered kids, had a brother and sister from Ethiopia.

The little girl would have been about four years old and would always insist on sitting on my knee at my local cricket club and never stop talking!

She was the most beautiful little girl and very happy with here foster parents who under the law had no chance of actually adopting her.

Not only was this tragic, it was criminal!

Some faceless bureaucrat would say she needs to be with people of her own culture.

Total crap, at that age she needs love and security. When she is an adult she can investigate her origins and make up her own mind about these issues.

When she sat on my knee, she didn't look at me as a white man, but simply as a friend who enjoyed her company.

I started this post by saying ' what is going on?'. In my view the West has lost it's spirituality and is hide bound by rules and regulations which are devoid of humanity.

Children just want to be loved and we could all learn something from them, because they don't see colour!


  1. While I can see that sometimes it may be preferable to place a child in a home of their own race, it is not always possible. Consequently many children languish in institutions. Real love knows not of color.

  2. What a load of codswallop, bureaucratic tripe. I have had several 'black' kids under my roof as a stepfather and colour doesn't enter the equation.

    I suppose I shouldn't have been living with their mothers either.


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  4. What a load of crap!

    Here in Oz adoption has been colour-blind since the 1960s!

    Two of my best friends growing up were kids of Chinese and Aboriginal Heritage both happily living with a Anglo-Oz (does that make sense?) family.

  5. Why are kids always the pawns in the struggles among adults?

    That said, there were some ugly cases here in Canada several years ago of aboriginal kids being taken from loving extended families on reserves and being placed with white families "for their own good." And the whole residential school tragedy involved much misguided and even criminal "placement."

    I agree that love is the most important criterion, but what sometimes seems like the child's best interest, isn't. We have to do these things carefully.