Sunday, 22 November 2009

My Lass

Well Maria Manuela Gomes has gone back to Belem today for four months and this old fart is on his own for a wee while.

She's gone home to see her old mum, another Maria, to spend time in the humid heat of Amazonia, on a series of flights that mean she won't be home until 1 o'clock lunchtime on Monday.

Poor lass will be starved of a cigarette in all that time because the airline industry says it's bad for your health.

Well we all know that,but let's get real, it really means their cleaning bills are less.

If governments really want to stop people smoking, they would ban it, but they don't do they!

Why? Because they want the tax.

Corrupt politicians across the World pontificate on this subject because the unelected health facists give them the ammunition.

We live in a World where these creeps profess a belief in democracy but institute laws that target groups who either don't support their party or have no political clout.

Real freedom is no longer to be found in western countries, they are now little more than places
controlled by petty bureaucrats and lawyers.

So to get back to Manuela, tomorrow she will be home in a country, whist not perfect, does not persecute it's citizens who want a bloody cigarette in a bar!


  1. Here in California we have some of the strictest smoking laws in the U.S., yet we have a very large amount of smokers. You are right about the tax being something that no politician wants to see go away. I think that the strict antismoking laws in some ways serve to make people feel that they should be paying this large tax for such "bad behavior" this is way more profitable than just banning the sale of cigarettes.

  2. You are not wrong lass but those who smoke should be given bars where they can indulge.It's quite simple, if you are a non smoker you simply don't go there.
    Winston Churchill the greatest exponent of freedom will be turning in his grave.