Friday, 27 November 2009

It's Friday

The working week has finished and now we are about to embark on the weekend.

I am at home listening to Brazilian music with a fine glass of wine and a cigarette.

What are you doing?

Our masters will be doing the same and contemplating what new laws they might introduce to ensure we continue to perform in a way that meets their requirements.

Democracy requires that you control people by fear, so the press will tell us that Islamism is our current danger and watch out because Sharia law could be introduced.

Oh! please,does anyone seriously think that this is going to happen!

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a government that said we are going to repeal laws for the next term in office.

Over 3000 new laws have been passed since the criminal Blair came to power.

Remove laws and let people live and take responsibility for their lives!

Freedom requires that politicians do not interfere in anything that we do!


  1. I am curious to know what Brazilian music aroused your curiosity, or was a DVD and you were watching the girls dance samba with all their jiggly bits doing exactly that. If it wasn't, I heartily suggest you do, good for the soul.

    It's not everyday you hear of a Brit listening to Brazilian music.


  2. Well as you know my lass is from Belem and she has got me into Sergio Reis amongst others and whilst she is back home for the next four months,I listen to it quite often.

  3. Simmon if they remove the laws we would have a bunch of out of control people. Most of us are responsible but what about that group that that you always have to baby sit. We have to have laws because some of us want be responsible.

  4. I haven't heard yet of a lawless society. If that one exists, whew, what a life the people would have, doing things they want, not minding its effect on others. So please, support a government of laws, those dirty politicians, I know they have meet their nemesis- You! Carry on!