Sunday, 15 November 2009


I've just met a very nice lady at Blogcatalog, called Lor, who is a bit of an expert on the subject of aliens and has got me thinking, purely in a mischievous way you understand.

Just suppose a spaceship landed at lunchtime in Alnwick.

Well of course all hell would break loose, there aren't that many parking spaces in the town at the best of times!

The door of the craft opens and out steps this strange looking bi-ped, clad in a shimmering skin tight costume.

The locals are naturally horrified! Can't the BBC film somewhere else?

In perfect English he says,' Greetings Earthlings', Oh God and the scripts crap too!

Up steps Sergeant Mallaburn of Her Majesty's Constabulary.

' Good afternoon sir, very nice costume, now about the spaceship, I'm afraid you can't park it here sir, it's causing an obstruction'.

' Look into my eyes Earthling'.

' Now now sir, you can't catch me with that one, I am a British police officer and by definition a uni- cellular organism that's not responsive to hypnosis'.

' Either you move the spaceship or I will be forced to ask you to accompany me to the Station!'.

With this the alien looks to the heavens, returns to his ship and buggers off!

So when the day finally arrives when the World is invaded, they will probably give England a miss, we can't take anything seriously!


  1. LOL, you're probably right. Though I believe this is true many places besides England. There is no telling how our redneck cops here in the southern US would handle something like this. They would either want to talk about weapons or invite them over for dinner.

  2. HA!! Too funny! I have never been to England, but I can totally picture it. Here in Texas, we'd just direct them to the nearest barbecue Texas size of course! (plenty of room to park the rigs)

  3. On second thought, I am pretty sure we have aliens already.....