Thursday, 26 November 2009

An Angry Man

This is a beautiful World and it is being screwed up by politicians and institutions, that are only interested in serving their own needs.

A bunch of self serving scientists and bureaucrats are in Copenhagen trying to create the next level of ' thou shalt behave' Global legislation.

These people are financed by organisations that directly benefit from creating an apocalyptic
view of the World.

Sure Global warming is probably taking place, but only the dogma of modern science would say that humankind is responsible.

These very same scientists will tell you that the Earth has gone through many such cycles in it's history.Some of which have happened very rapidly.

The very arrogance of science, to suggest that we can cure the problem, as if the World was some machine that they controlled!

Science denies the existence of spirituality, which will result in it's ultimate failure.

The universe will determine the future of our World, which is well beyond the comprehension of our narrow minded scientists.

You do not need to be of a religious persuasion to work out that we are not in tune with nature and that we are abusing the Globe.

The Greenies protest about this and that. Essentially there are too many people using up resources of the Planet.

Each country needs a smaller population and more focus should be on skills that help societies survive.

We need practical skills, spirituality, arts, engineering, mathematics, as was true in ancient times.

We do not need accountants, lawyers, pr consultants, marketing folk, politicians et al.

Old fashioned trades will be what is required in the new age, if man is to survive and rebuild civilisation, because the system is about to collapse.

Those who take the World forward will be those who have already given up a material way of life.

Those who still live with materialism are already dead.

I titled this post ' An Angry Man ' simply because I believe humanity has not yet woken to the fundamental changes we are going through.

The television generation is in danger of dying in the same way that biblical societies collapsed when Noah was asked to build his Ark.

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