Thursday, 5 November 2009

Dear George.......

From today's press you will probably note that your CIA ex-station chief, in Italy was convicted in abstentia, together with 23 of his chums, for the kidnap and torture of Abu Omar.

Whilst Mr Omar may be in Western terms, called a militant Islamist, your actions suggest that you had no real evidence against the man, other than that he was expressing his views, which he is perfectly entitled to do, in a democracy.

You then took him from a US Airforce Base in Italy, to Cairo, where he was subjected to sustained bouts of torture, which if I am correct is forbidden under the United States Constitution.

These actions were supervised by one Robert Seldon Lady, whom your administration refuses to give up to Italian Authorities, to serve his time for these criminal activities.

Mr Omar, served four years in Egyptian confinement and was finally released without charge.

Freedom, sir, comes at a price. That freedom must be offered to all, including those who do not agree with you.

Your aggressive stance in the Middle East is the legacy you leave ordinary people around the World, who suffer terror attacks and bombings.

Let us hope your successor will realise that military action and inaction on Palestine are no longer acceptable to the vast majority of Global citizens.

When your time comes, George, you will have some very serious explaining to do!

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