Thursday, 5 November 2009

November 5th

This one will make you laugh!

In England tonight, we celebrate what is referred to as Guy Fawkes Night, by lighting bonfires and letting off fireworks.

For why?

Just in time the Gunpowder Plot was uncovered, with Guy Fawkes about to let off a huge amount of explosives under the Houses of Parliament, when members were sitting.

What a horrible thought!

The little darlings would have been blown to smithereens, which of course was unacceptable, when being perpetrated by Catholics!

So, Guy and his accessories received the sharp end of an axe.

Of course the irony of this, is the state of politics today and the avarice of the present Members of Parliament.

Concerned with their expenses, fancy lifestyles and second mortgages, whilst our young people are dying in Afghanistan.

Every time a coffin comes home from there, every politician should be forced to attend the arrival ceremony and explain themselves.

I thought you would find that funny!


  1. I agree! Maybe they should be forced to attend a ceremony. Have a great weekend.

  2. Unfortunately not funny, unless you mean funny odd, rather than funny Ha Ha.
    Human inability to learn from our mistakes (and occasional successes) seems to be all pervasive.

  3. I do not think that it is funny, but there is irony there.The politicians make the decision to go to war, be it in Iraq or Afganistan, but it is the people who suffers.

  4. Spot on guys,I didn't mean funny ha ha.

  5. hello very true if we consider the country a home then politicians are responsible to look after and and protect it why dont they send their loved ones to take part in meaning less wars ,take care

  6. I've been following the news on the luxurious life of your MPs. It never ends, does it?

  7. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is such an unpopular war but I often times wonder what if we didn't go to war? Would Bin Laden and Hussein have plotted more dangerous attacks and committed more heinous crimes against the west? Would they have accomplished in building weapons of mass destructions? I mean, Bin Laden made so many threats to the U.S. and we just laughed it off thinking he was incapable and then look at 9/11. We're not laughing at anymore, are we?

  8. Very true Rose Belle but it will not stop until the issue of Palestine is addressed I'm afraid.